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As data volumes continue to expand and partitioning is further adopted in SQL Server 2008 the lack of control over statistics at the partition level will become a larger issue for more companies.

I placed this as a connect item on Microsoft’s site in June of 2009.  Per the final comment from Microsoft, they recommend that the more votes it has, the higher priority it will become.

If you are reading this post, please vote, here:

I’m posting the connect details below. 

I’d like to see Update Statistics modified to include partitionID in combination with the existing table or indexed view name.

With the improvements of 2k8 and partitioning, very large result sets are being seen at one of my clients that utilizes partitioning. Having to update statistics against partitions that haven’t changed in order to achieve the change on the partition that actually needs it, creates additional overhead that is not required. It also forces a change to plans that wouldn’t otherwise be altered which causes for memory churn in the proc cache.

One other related note, is that you can defrag an individual partition index, but it will not update the statistics.

Proposed Solution
Two parts:

Modify Update Statistics to include an option for declaring either a partition name or partitionID for either a table or an indexed view.
UPDATE STATISTICS table_or_indexed_view_name
{ index_or_statistics__name }
{ index_or_statistics_name }
| ( { Partition_index_or_partition_statistics_name } [ ,...n ] )

2.) Upon completion of the defrag of an individual partition index have it update the statistics for that partition.

Improved Reliability
Improved Administration
Improved Performance
Other (please provides details below)
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